Sirius Clinical Research Privacy

This privacy policy applies to the platforms where it appears.

This privacy policy describes how we treat personal information on the Platforms where it is located. This includes websites, mobile websites and apps. Where legally applicable, by interacting with us, you consent to these practices.

We will need to gather more private information with you in order to have real conversations about our Clinical Research Trials. We prefer to do that over the phone or in person. All that we would like for you to send us through our Platforms is your name, phone number, and email. We will track the source of our encounters. An example might be: “Facebook: Cedar Allergy Study.” In some situations it may be helpful if we ask for other information such as your date of birth. It will always be your choice in providing it.

We have no interest in obtaining any information for purposes other than help you to participate in a study with us. The Privacy of any information you provide to Sirius is kept confidential and will be used only in study related activities. Your information will not be given or sold to 3rd parties.